Family Owned & Operated

K-Town Kups is a family owned and operated business which started like many others do, with a great idea. We now have a storefront located at 82 Brock St, Kingston, right in the heart of downtown.

K-Town Kups

You are the Priority

K -Town Kups is not just a coffee service; we deliver your business an enhanced experience for your clients as they enjoy the features you’ve provided them from the comfort of your waiting area.

We provide professional service, a wide range of products and timely delivery to your business anywhere in the Kingston area.

K-Town Kups

Office Coffee Solutions

With K-Town Kups you can wash your hands of the hassles behind managing the coffee area, and enjoy fast & efficient service, complete supply solutions, and peace of mind. Say goodbye to constant errands to maintain your coffee area, and say hello to K-Town Kups: Great Coffee, Great Brands, Great Solutions.

K-Town Kups

Questions? Send us a quick note and Brian or Cindy will be happy to respond back.

We promise, no spam from us!  :)


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